Critical Reflection on Learning in the Course (Draft)

The two objective that I have set at the start of this module are being able to step out of my comfort zone and improve my confidence which includes presentation skills. I have improvement on my confidence which includes presentation skills. Previously, I tend to stumble and add filler words into my presentation. Upon receiving criticism on them, I make sure to remind myself through many presentations that we have demonstrated in class. As what professor brad commented in class that “practice makes perfect”. Though I have achieved it, I should not be complacent. Because I will need to be confident in myself when I go for IWSP. Also, I should not be dishearten that I did not step out of my comfort zone. In my point of view, I was probably not very active in class. And I will need more time to work on it.

We are able to work together and get the job done despite having different timetable. Through this course, I realise we collaborate a lot on our project. We find different ways to communicate with one another. Instead of meeting each other to discuss, we do communicate via Whatsapp. What I learnt from this class is that, our team handled conflict well.

Using the Thomas Kilmann conflict modes, we are able to “expand range of possible options” (Ed, 2007) and also “achieve win/win outcomes” (Ed, 2007). I believe there are also times where we accommodate with one another to “maintain harmony” (Ed, 2007) or compromise to not harm the relationship.

All in all, I would hope to work with them again someday.


Ed, B. (2007, Jan 21) . Conflict Modes and Managerial Styles. Retrieved from


  1. Hi Syu Lynn,

    I do agree that you made quite a tremendous improvement since the start of the module and up till now. Being in the same group, you have also displayed leadership skills by creating word documents, reminding us to submit blog post and provide relevant inputs for the video production.

    All in all, it was a fun and interesting course to improve on our presentation skills as well as working in the same group


  2. Thank you, Syu Lynn, for this reflection. You briefly address the two objectives you set for yourself at the start of the term and the way that you responded to those in the course of the module. You reference in the post the fact that you were able to practice presenting during the term and work out some of the problems you had with presenting in the past. To that I can add that I saw great effort and improvement being made.

    In this final reflection you also mention how you wanted to "step out of your comfort zone." By that I guess you meant you wanted to participate more in class. Well, non-verbally you seemed very active, showing engagement with our classroom discussions through your alert eye contact
    and smiling acknowledgment of what was being discussed. As you know though, really stepping out would have required you to talk more. That requires a certain confidence in one's own opinions, the sort you could see in the behavior of some of your classmates. To achieve that you need to be willing to fail,' that is, say something that may not be 100% correct, or not even 50% acceptable. Once you realize, Syu Lynn, that your teachers are also human, and prone to being less than perfect, you might see that speaking up in class is as natural as talking to your friends.

    In the latter part of this post you reference your project work. As you know now, I really appreciate the work your group did. You state that your team "handled conflict well." It might have been good to give an example. I am also interested in how you might have changed your view of group work through this project experience.

    All in all, I appreciate your effort this term, and I wish you the best in your continuing learning journey.


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